Thursday, September 12, 2013

Nursing tops.

Ok so I have a love for clothes and this didn't stop because I was pregnant or now that I am nursing. However I also hate for anyone to see my body especially now. Therefor I have been wearing nursing tops all the time or the few tops I had that I could easily nurse in. Nothing that had to be pulled up. This was if I was out or if anyone was in my house. Which is most of the time.

 The other night while nursing I ran across a YouTube video about how to make your own. Nursing tank tops! I was siting in bed nursing my littlest to sleep at the time so I couldn't get up and make one even though I wanted to. You will soon realize I spend the evenings nursing my littlest to sleep and surfing YouTube! Anyways I found this blog after watching her video on nursing bras. I was so happy to find this just what I needed!

The next morning I made my own out of some old camisoles I had. Then I ordered a couple from kohls in other colors. By the way kohls has a sale going on right now and coupons so I grabbed some for $6.99 less 30% can get any better than that! Have you looked at nursing clothes are expensive!! It seems like if they put the words nursing or maternity in front of clothing it automatically doubles in price! Don't get me wrong I have some nursing clothes that I love but these tanks would expand my wardrobe by a lot!!!

So I made a few and have already worn them!! Love them. Check out babybellykelli for the complete instructions!

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