Friday, September 13, 2013

Nursing pads disposable vs. reusable

When I had my first daughter 4 1/2 years ago I knew I wanted to breast feed however I had no idea anything about it. I had a c-section with both my kids and in recovery I just popped her on the boob. I didn't know what I was doing and had little help at the hospital. I am very thankful she nursed like a champ or I would have probably given up. At home once my milk came in I keep leaking through my shirts and figured there had to be a solution. Found disposable nursing pads at Target. Woohoo!!

With my second I knew better and bought a box before she came home. But I had also received some reusable ones in the mail when I ordered something else. 

This got me to thinking reusable ones were a great idea less waste and less money!! So I picked up a few more while I was grabbing last min baby stuff. Packed my bag for the hospital with both! I didn't need any in the hospital but did as soon as we got home. Used the disposable for a day then switched to the  reusable which was a horrible idea. I would leak of coarse and I stuck to them horribly. It hurt to take them off and I had to express milk just to get them off. Ok this wasn't going to work. I asked other moms and a lot had the same problem. 

So I waited until my mil settled down some we had a good routine even if she did eat every hour and a half and I wasn't leaking as much during the day. Decided to try them again and I am happy to report that I can use them during the day!!! Now they of coarse don't have the gel stuff in them so if I real a lot or get hot and sweaty I have to change them more often but that isn't a problem with all the laundry we do around here. 

I still use disposable at night since I am not fully awake when Katie decides to feed I don't want to rip them off by mistake and I leak more at night but this has drastically reduced the amount of waste!! Which is always a good thing. And they cost less. The disposables ones can get expensive. 

So if you made it all the way through this rambling post the point is if you couldn't use them at first try again! You never know if your milk has changed you maybe able to now!

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