Friday, September 13, 2013

How to get rid of all those baby clothes.

Ok I know getting rid of those baby clothes is hard!! They are so cute and we have such memories of them. Plus I didn't get rid of any of my 1st daughters secretly hoping for another girl!! 

Well now we are growing out of these little clothes and they have to go! We have way too much saved! 

For the newborn clothes I just made a huge lot and sold them cheap on eBay. Now we are out of 0-3 mts clothes so they have to go as well. Some I will put in local consignment some may go to ebay and the rest will go to goodwill. 

We simply can't keep them all. I am saving an outfit here or there but most have to go! Yes their are tons of memories but I can't use them!! Plus the extra few dollars helps get new super cute stuff. 

So my advice just do it and don't look back. Yes I keep saying I wish I hadn't gotten rid of _______ but in reality it's gone there isn't anything I can do about it and we didn't need them!!  

If you have lots of cute stuff you can't  part with think about making a quilt or have someone make it for you. 

Better yet if your husband is like mine he hates clutter hates saving stuff and isn't attached it to. Let him take it all to goodwill or another place like that for you. A women's shelter is always looking for kids clothes consider donating it there! 

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