Sunday, November 17, 2013

Family photos!!

As a photographer I am always behind the camera so once a year I have a fellow photographer do some family photos for us. This was the first time we had photos with a family of 4. Katie didn't think to much of having her photo taken. I haven't quite trained her yet! :) my oldest apparently was being pretty silly however I didn't know it I thought she was doing pretty good. She knows the drill though! 

Here are a few from the photo shoot yesterday a couple Christmas one I am hanging on to for a bit! 

My hot hubby! Even if he hated having his photo taken he did great! 

IPSY November 2013

Man I stink at keeping up with this blog. I have great intentions but... Well life happens!

I came home last night from my first family photo shoot with a family of 4 and had my IPSY bag on my porch! 

Great bag in my opinion! 

Check out the bag itself. I am not a gold girl but this will be supe cute for Christmas or mate in the diaper bag. However I am sure once my 4 year old sees it I won't have it any longer. 

Great stuff this month!

Nailtini nail polish in champagne love it will be trying it soon!! 

Have been wanting a shade like this. 

Be a bombshell lip crayon in hot damn 
I was wanting to try a bright red for the holiday season! 

Star looks eyeliner in topaz 

This is the 2nd silver eyeliner I have gotten from a beauty subscription. I love the idea but have no idea how to wear it. Any advice?

.em Michelle Phan lip stick in nude. So pretty for a neutral lip! 

Pixi bronzer in subtly sun touched can't wait to try it! 


Galaxy chic eyeshadow from bhcosmetic in Aphrodite 

Not a color I would usually wear but excited to try it!!

Great bag this month. It's my first IPSY bag. If you are interested in getting an IPSY subscription yourself please comment and I will send you a link to sign up. Of coarse you don't have to use my link but I sure would appreciate it! 

Have a great Sunday!! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Petunia pickle bottom sashay satchel

I made a video on how I pack my Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel this is a organic cotton print. This is by far my favorite diaper bag.

However I am taking my first trip to Norstroms this week and well they have a lot to look at so my opinion may change but I don't think it will!

If you want to get your own and check out the other prints that are available look here

Momzella nursing tops!

Ok I love nursing my LO but I don't always like fighting with my clothes to do so. I learned about these momzella nursing tops and ordered one. Well It was instant love they are so easy to wear, look good, and are soft and stretchy.

Here is the link if you want to check them out yourself.


Here is a video I did on them too

My favorite is the xlong tank top and the hoodie.

 Here is one of the tops

And the crossover tank

 This is the extra long tank

And all you have to do is lift it up!

Cover Boo nursing covers!

I love to add style to my outfit all while taking care of my baby what could be better check out these nursing covers by cover boo they are wonderful!!

I do wish mine were a little softer I think a few washing will help with this but if you don't know what a cover boo nursing cover is check this video out and subscribe while you are there!

How to braid your wrap!

OK I love my soft structured carrier and my wraps and my conversions I think they all have there place. However I don't like storing my wraps folded and I need to keep breaking them in some more. I know that the ways to break in a wrap are to braid it, wash it, steam it, simply use it, and sit on it. Weird I know but it just softens the fibers. I searched for how to braid a wrap without a whole lot of luck other than 1 youtube video so I made one myself!!

So here is a link if you too need to learn how to braid your wrap it super easy once someone shows you what to do.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Chunky arms and baby clothes

Ok I know I am not the only person with this problems so I am posting how I fixed it for others with this issue. Lots of baby clothes this time of year have long sleeves that are gathered at the wrist yes they are super cute. However if you have a chunky baby you have to go up a size for their arms to fit!!! These clothes fit my little one fine for about 2 weeks into this size them they were cutting into her wrist didn't seem to bother her but I know I would hate it so I decided to fix it. 

Here are the sleeves I am talking  about 

This is a Gymboree shirt from the fall 2013 line. 

If the sleeve elastic is independent of the seam it's super easy to fix. All you need is a seam ripper. These are sold mostly everywhere I have even seen them at Kroger. Here is mine 

What I did was pull the elastic away from the material where I could see those stitches holding it together. 

I used my seam ripper to cut those stitches all the way around on the top and bottom of the elastic. 
When I was done I had the elastic attached to the middle seam and nothing else. Be sure when you go to cut the only thing on the seam ripper is the threads these things are sharp and will cut the fabric so just take you time and watch what you are doing so you don't get any holes in the shirt. 

I took a pair of sissors and cut the elastic out. Now the end of the sleeve is open and not tight on my daughters arm!!

After a wash the little holes will disappear and you will be the only one who knows!! 

If the elastic is in a pocket on the bottom of the sleeve or is part of the hem at the end you will need to go back and re hem the sleeves so they don't start to fray. 

Hope this helped someone.