Friday, September 13, 2013

My girls!

Since this who blog is about me and my girls I thought I would share a couple photos. 

This is my 4 1/2 year old, AnneMarie. Since I am a photographer she gets pictures at each year and each 1/2 year and I couldn't be more happy I do! She changes so so much and living everyday life I don't notice it. 

Just incase you like my photos check out my other work and 

I am in Tennessee just south of Nashville! 

This shows her personality so well. 

Here is my newest addition baby Katie. 
This was her newborn photo. I will be doing 3 month ones next month! He has changed so much. 

Here are a couple more. 

Obviously I hired someone to come in to take this one! Even a photographer can do it all them selves. 

I do have a husband even if I don't talk about him much on here. And he hates taking photos. Here is one before I had Katie. Same photographer as the one of me. 

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