Monday, October 7, 2013

Bath and body works, Old Navy and Carter's haul

Then Ok so I collect all the coupons in the mail and the ones you get when you buy something in a store and try to headed out every once in a while to redeem them. Today was bath and body works, old navy, and Carter's. 
First stop bath and body works I got a coupon, well 2 in the mail for a free signature series full sized product. I have one to my oldest daughter and we went. Here is what all we got for $27 I also had a  20% off coupon we used and shipped the sales. 

Then we got coupons to shop again. 

We got 
2 shower gels 
3 lip glosses 
5 hand sanitizers 
2 lip gloss holders 

Our total was $27.44 

Then off to Carter's where I had $10 off a $10 purchase 

I got these pants 

My total $2.20

Then off to old navy I had some reward bucks to spend plus the stuff and save event where you got 30% off and a free bag 

2 sets of socks a sweater and a top for my oldest 

Then for my youngest 

3 mix n match tops and 3 pants plus a fleece lined pair of pants. 

After rewards and coupon it was only $24.77

Plus we got this bag!!

Not a bad day if I do say so. We also has to return a toy to toys r us that didn't work and my oldest found a horse dress up station with different interchangeable hair on clearance for the same price as the flying fairy that didn't work!! Woohoo a toy that cost a lot more she was able to exchange for since it was on clearance. 

Great shooing day this just shows you hold on to those coupons!! And store rewards. 

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